Q: How many US governments does it take to change a regime?

A: Why change it? Oh sorry, did we say we were going to?

“Members of the Ba’ath Party who were loyal to Saddam Hussein are to be used to restore order in major Iraqi cities as looting and mob violence threatens to undermine coalition attempts to paint military action against the dictator as a success.” (by Kamal Ahmad, Sunday April 13, 2003, The Observer)

Sooo… no WOMD (apart from a couple of cans of flyspray), and now the USK isn’t even going to change the regime. It’s merely going to appoint it’s own leadership of the regime.

Apparently, the regime there is perfectly capable of running the country and maintaining order and is actually mostly decent people. Is this the same regime that a week ago was the scourge of Planet Earth and the most concentrated source of all evil? Whose Republican Guard were likened to Nazi Stormtroopers in their fanaticism and skullduggery?

But now Geoff Hoon says they’re basically all good eggs. So good that he approved of using cluster bombs against them before:

In an attempt to show how Britain and the US were attempting to target the Iraqi regime, Mr Hoon told MPs that bombers would strike at the “Saddam Hussein infrastructure” which maintains the dictator’s power throughout the country. (taken from The Guardian Online)

So, they were such an integral part of Hussein’s evil empire that cluster bombing was necessary but now they’re okay, innit?

Yes, that makes nearly as much sense as the rest of the USK propaganda…