Don’t Fall Into Racism! (Why I’m Pro-American)

Look, as shorthand, I do end up having to put “the US” this, “the US” that in these rants a lot when talking about the current illegal invasion of Iraq.

In doing that, it's easy for me to sound anti-American. And as anger against the actions of the US government grows in the world, this can easily be twisted/interpreted as hatred of American people.

We have to be very careful about this: not only is it an insult to millions of ordinary Americans who oppose this unjust crusade but it lets the real enemy escape. My real enemy is the US (and UK) government and the class interests they represent.

I also support the human rights of Palestinians but I am not anti-Israeli, I am anti-Israeli government. Again, there are forces out there who are trying to manipulate anger at the actions of the Israeli government into poisonous anti-Semitism. We must be very vigilant at weeding out these neo-Nazi motherfuckers.

Similarly, look at these figures from Ali Abunimah writing in The Daily Star:

“Surveys show that while support for the war is at 70 percent overall, among white Americans it is near 80 percent. Among black Americans, a scant 29 percent support the war.”

So that means that 30% of all Americans oppose the war? How many millions of people is that. And 70% of black Americans oppose the war? That's a staggering proportion.

I love Jews, I love Americans – I love people. Racial groups are not committing the crimes in Palestine and Iraq, it's states that are committing these crimes.

Let's never forget that there are many Jews who oppose the actions of the Israeli government and have campaigned for decades against it, Noam Chomsky for one. We don't hear about these groups for the same reason we're not hearing about average Americans who are against the Iraq invasion: it doesn't suit the purposes of the discourse the bourgeois media seeks to establish. The media always tries to make it an issue of race versus race, country versus country, when it's in fact a question of class versus class.

So when people start spouting anti-American shite, they're falling exactly into the mode of thinking the US government wants them adopt. They can't see the wood for the trees. And then the US government can turn round to its population and go, “See – these people out there hate us Americans! That's why we need to protect ourselves by taxing you more/cutting public spending to build more bombs and planes.”

Be anti-Bush. Be anti-Rumsfeld. Be anti-US government. Never be anti-American.