The Meaning of Life

Sometimes, when I'm posting up anti-war clippings at 4am, I do get down. I feel like I'm pissing in the wind, since this huge evil is so mis-represented by the mass media that ordinary people are being kept away from any truth. And most people haven't got the time to go hunting stuff out like I do.

But then I think of the demos I've been on, in Derby and in London, and it fills me with positivity. Sometimes, you can end up a bitter, twisted misanthrope. But the people I had the privilege of marching alongside shatter that cynicism.

They weren't marching for increased wages or other ways of bettering their own condition, they were marching to try and save the lives of strangers. There were 1.5 million people on the Feb15 march. Now, some of those people will not march now because they see it as being disloyal to British troops. That's fine – I don't agree with them but I respect their opinion and the fact they marched before.

But all those people on the first march and on the last London march AND the two Derby marches have made sacrifices to express their democratic right to protest. To stand up and say, in the words of a renowned poet, “Fuck you! I won't do what you tell me!” It's not enough to just singalong in a nightclub and then go home and forget about it…

Surely that's the essence of the meaning of life? TO ACTUALLY LIVE, FREE AND FEARLESSLY! To not be reduced to a frightened, crawling worm, scared of your own fucking shadow because government propaganda has you eyeing every Muslim you see suspiciously. I haven't seen any hatred on the marches I've been on – plenty of shouting and jeering, yeah, but I was overwhelmed by the sheer force of spirit, by the way you could sense a mass of people had realised their own power.

The first step to being a person is to rebel against your parents. The second is to rebel against your teachers. The last is to rebel against your government, whatever flavour it claims to be. You have to realise that the police, army, universities every tool of the state only holds power over us because we give them the ability.

I'm not preaching extreme anarchy here because I'm not an anarchist. I believe in a civil law system, policing, punishment etc. But if I, as a thinking person, believe the state to be wrong on an issue, I will defy it.

And I'm not the only one. I know now, after the last four months, that we can change the world. Show me an apathetic, apolitical defeatist and I can point them to the biggest political demonstrations in British history. In the future, when they have schools programmes about politics, they won't have to re-show grainy film of 1960s CND marches, they'll be showing London in 2003. There's even been talk of two world superpowers emerging: the US versus World Public Opinion. I'm a tiny, infinitesimal part of the latter superpower.

I've not put this in the politics section cos it's not really about politics. It's about realising your full personhood, that you aren't a piece of flotsam to be thrown around by the whims of a group of bastard old men in Washington or London.

It's about a personal revolution. The knowledge is all out there – capitalism let the genie out of the bottle when it's military invented the internet. Now, the net is the prime organiser of anti-capitalism. And it's one of the ways you can free yourself by educating yourself. You have to take lessons in what Chomsky calls, “Intellectual self-defence.”

You may think I'm preaching for you to join the anti-war movement. But I'm not. I'm saying that if you're pro-war, become actively pro-war. Don't just follow what someone else says, do your own research, question lefty statistics, invent your own arguments. Otherwise, you're merely being a shadow and, what's worse, a pawn of nothing more than an oilman looking for a fresh field.

Yes, this is another bizarre post. Yes, I am barmy. But I'm not isolated and I'm not a dreamer. And I am not a number – I'm a human being,
love and kisses,