The Meaning of Life

Sometimes, when I'm posting up anti-war clippings at 4am, I do get down. I feel like I'm pissing in the wind, since this huge evil is so mis-represented by the mass media that ordinary people are being kept away from any truth. And most people haven't got the time to go hunting stuff out like I do.

But then I think of the demos I've been on, in Derby and in London, and it fills me with positivity. Sometimes, you can end up a bitter, twisted misanthrope. But the people I had the privilege of marching alongside shatter that cynicism.

They weren't marching for increased wages or other ways of bettering their own condition, they were marching to try and save the lives of strangers. There were 1.5 million people on the Feb15 march. Now, some of those people will not march now because they see it as being disloyal to British troops. That's fine – I don't agree with them but I respect their opinion and the fact they marched before.

But all those people on the first march and on the last London march AND the two Derby marches have made sacrifices to express their democratic right to protest. To stand up and say, in the words of a renowned poet, “Fuck you! I won't do what you tell me!” It's not enough to just singalong in a nightclub and then go home and forget about it…

Surely that's the essence of the meaning of life? TO ACTUALLY LIVE, FREE AND FEARLESSLY! To not be reduced to a frightened, crawling worm, scared of your own fucking shadow because government propaganda has you eyeing every Muslim you see suspiciously. I haven't seen any hatred on the marches I've been on – plenty of shouting and jeering, yeah, but I was overwhelmed by the sheer force of spirit, by the way you could sense a mass of people had realised their own power.

The first step to being a person is to rebel against your parents. The second is to rebel against your teachers. The last is to rebel against your government, whatever flavour it claims to be. You have to realise that the police, army, universities every tool of the state only holds power over us because we give them the ability.

I'm not preaching extreme anarchy here because I'm not an anarchist. I believe in a civil law system, policing, punishment etc. But if I, as a thinking person, believe the state to be wrong on an issue, I will defy it.

And I'm not the only one. I know now, after the last four months, that we can change the world. Show me an apathetic, apolitical defeatist and I can point them to the biggest political demonstrations in British history. In the future, when they have schools programmes about politics, they won't have to re-show grainy film of 1960s CND marches, they'll be showing London in 2003. There's even been talk of two world superpowers emerging: the US versus World Public Opinion. I'm a tiny, infinitesimal part of the latter superpower.

I've not put this in the politics section cos it's not really about politics. It's about realising your full personhood, that you aren't a piece of flotsam to be thrown around by the whims of a group of bastard old men in Washington or London.

It's about a personal revolution. The knowledge is all out there – capitalism let the genie out of the bottle when it's military invented the internet. Now, the net is the prime organiser of anti-capitalism. And it's one of the ways you can free yourself by educating yourself. You have to take lessons in what Chomsky calls, “Intellectual self-defence.”

You may think I'm preaching for you to join the anti-war movement. But I'm not. I'm saying that if you're pro-war, become actively pro-war. Don't just follow what someone else says, do your own research, question lefty statistics, invent your own arguments. Otherwise, you're merely being a shadow and, what's worse, a pawn of nothing more than an oilman looking for a fresh field.

Yes, this is another bizarre post. Yes, I am barmy. But I'm not isolated and I'm not a dreamer. And I am not a number – I'm a human being,
love and kisses,

Why I’m Marching Next Saturday

Here's a question I've heard recently:

“Why bother marching in London on April 12th? After all, the war's nearly over now, innit? It's a walkover from now on and there's been hardly any civilian casualties. And what there have been have probably been the Iraqis killing their own people as normal.”

Is the war nearly over? I don't think so. Even if the USK's forces take control of Baghdad completely this week, the war won't be over. In fact, it may be just starting. Just as the mujaheddin fought the Soviet invasion, so new ranks of mujaheddin are being being recruited now, both from within Iraq and from neighbouring countries. We may see the spectacle of an installed US garrison having to wage war against a population it has “liberated”, much in the same way the German invaders had to fight those misguided fools in the French Resistance.

We need to get the troops out now. Bring them home, every last one. Before more come home in bodybags. And before they kill more innocent civilians.

As for the lack of civilian casualties – do not trust anything you see on the mainstream media. Just today, BBC correspondent John Simpson was bombed by US forces whilst part of a convoy. Thankfully, he's still alive but it's more a matter of luck than the “smartness” of US bombs. Of course, we know about this attack because it'd be very difficult to hush-up the death of such a noted Western reporter, which is how we also know about the other reporters lost in the battle so far. But Iraqi civilian casualties – how do we know the real picture going on there?

This is what Roland Huguenin, one of six International Red Cross workers in the Iraqi capital, said:

“There has been an incredible number of casualties with very, very serious wounds in the region of Hilla. We saw that a truck was delivering dozens of totally dismembered dead bodies of women and children. It was an awful sight. It was really very difficult to believe this was happening.”

I'm sure the living relatives of these poor souls will be elated at their liberation. After all, it makes it all worthwhile if you're blown apart by USK munitions rather than starved to death by US sanctions or killed by your own insane leader.

The attacks on two Baghdad markets showed how inaccurate the “smart” bombs are. And yet, the USK's propaganda corps has just been hinting that this was the Iraqis blowing up their own people. In a cutting rebuke, Independent reporter Robert Fisk rubbished these claims, pointing out that many bits of shrapnel had been found from the attacks, more than one with current Western munitions markings.

But every day the propaganda on the TV news becomes more extreme. Now Hussein is being portrayed as a Loki-like trickster, skipping from dune to dune, employing doubles and wily subterfuge. One report on the BBC claimed that Hussein's recent walkabout was clearly a double and that he was probably dead. Thirty seconds later, a BBC reporter on the scene says, “This was definitely Hussein.” Get your stories right, BBC!

Hussein's dead… no, he's alive. We've captured Umm Quasr! We promise! Yes… we believe you, even thought you've reported its capture nine times so far.

All of this fury, all of these bombs directed by the greatest superpower in the world against a tiny country, hobbled by sanctions and a crumbling regime that was maybe losing even more support until the US bombed Iraqis back towards Hussein.

Here's some relevant facts and figures from Jackson Thoreau about the great world menace of Iraq:

Military spending, worldwide: $900 billion.

Percentage of worldwide military spending by U.S.: 50.

Percentage of worldwide military spending by Iraq: 0.0015.

Yes… what a terrible force for evil they must be with that military budget. And before anyone invokes 9/11 – remember, there were no Iraqis whatsoever involved in that attack. Although I'm guessing that if Al Quaeda were recruiting now, it'd be a different story entirely.

Of course, the US will leave Iraq the great gift of democracy. Along with tonnnes of depleted uranium and cluster bombs. Recently, the Diana Foundation came out strongly against the use of cluster bombs:

“It's appalling that, despite the well-documented problems with cluster weapons, the US and UK are dropping them on Iraq,” Andrew Purkis, chief executive of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund said in a statement.

“We urge people to join our campaign to put pressure on governments to take responsibility for the clear up of these indiscriminate weapons of war. Until then, cluster bombs must not be used.”

Of course, we must patriotically dismiss this renegade organisation because we all know Princess Diana was an extreme lefty who loved Saddam. Anyone who criticises the USK's bloody crusade is labelled with that so she can't be any different.

This war against Iraq is an illegal, barbaric, totally unjustified US imperialist adventure. The US seeks to bolster both its world domination and its oil reserves with one bloody example. It has nothing to do with fighting terrorism or rogue states since the US itself is the biggest exporter and supporter of both of these.

I'm not writing this rant to convert pro-war thinkers: if you've swallowed the lies of the mainstream media without question you're either too lazy or too stupid for me to reach.

I'm trying to reach the people who feel beaten down, who feel isolated and powerless in the face of the extraordinary pro-war media barrage. I've said it before but we are in the position that the majority of Germans were in when the Nazi party was on the rise.

We can stand by, idly, while a great evil is being done in our names – who knows what our silence will then lead to? Will the US feel emboldened and attack Iran? Syria?

Or we can protest, march, speak, sing, write, do everything we can to stop this war. Just talking about it makes a difference, just putting forward an alternative point of view when you meet yet another moron who's just regurgitating Sun headlines.

The most positive statement you can make is by joining me and the millions of other people who'll be marching worldwide in Adelaide (13.04), Athens, Auckland, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Cyprus, Dubrovnik, Halmstad, London, Los Angeles, Managua, Manilla, Mexico City, Oslo, Osijek, Peurto Rico, Poznan, Pula, Rijeka, Rome, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shannon, Split, Stockholm, Victoria (13.04), Vukovar, Warsaw, Washington, Zadar, Zagreb this Saturday, 12th April.

The more people that march, the more the message is sent to the US and UK governments that not only do we want this war stopped, we do not want any future crusades either.

The world is what we choose to make it!

love and kisses,