Iraq – Don’t Believe The Hype

I just watched a BBC News 24 report by Ben Brown and his use of language flabbergasted me with its bias. Here's a few examples:

Iraqis are part of an "insurgency against coalition forces." Not fighting to defend their country from an invading army – insurgency.

The invading army is fighting "pockets of resistance." Careful with that resistance word – I thought that the invading army was going to be welcomed with open arms by the opressed Iraqis? No resistance was predicted, this was to be a walkover. Instead, the BBC is having to show pictures of 80-year-old women dancing around singing 'Saddam, Saddam.' They probably hated Saddam until they saw Anglo-American forces bombing the crap out of their town.

Tariq Aziz is alive, Saddam Hussein is alive… despite all the reports of their death.

Apparently Baghdad was "lit up like a Christmas tree" by the kind gift of US missiles. Much as the World Trade Centre was lit up like a Christmas tree by Al Quaeda?

The bombing and killing has been called "spectacular", "stunning", "amazing"… apply any of those words to 9/11 and see how easily they sit. War porn to wank yourself off to.

Then Ben Brown said how the Iraqis fighting back against a vastly superior invading army were "fanatical zealots." Funny, that. The other way round, if it was average Americans fighting back against a superior invading army, I'm pretty sure they'd be called "heroic patriots."

There is a huge discrepancy between the way BBC TV reports the war and the reports it carries on its own website. This is because, as I've said before, the mass media is now under totalitarian control by the British government. Like the last Gulf War, anything the government doesn't like will be censored with a D12 notice. They don't particularly care about the net and print media because it's only a comparatively tiny number of people who consume them.

Blair's telling us now that the Iraqis resisting are "an elite, hated by the local population." Is this the same population that's now disappearing into the desert and mounting guerilla warfare on the invading army? The same Iraqis that are crossing the borders back into Iraq to fight and die for their country against overwhelming odds?

Don't believe the hype…

love and kisses,