Soft Pink Truth, Sieg Uber Die Sonne, Codec

I've been severely enjoying:

An excellent album of rump-shakeable party electronics, about as far from po-faced IDM as the Chuckle Brothers are from Christopher Walken. My fave track is probably 'Big Booty Bitches' just cos you can really shake your thang to this. Comparsions? Kid 606, DAT Politics and, of course, Blectum from Blechdom (Blevin plays synths on it).

Again, a beautiful, pulsating album. I DJed this last Friday, the track that sounded like it was continuously falling over but never quite got there was off this album. I love the way the whole album is so poppy and accessible, the rhythms just grab you immediately. It's a different groove to SPT but just as insatiable. 'Beatbox' also went down very well when I DJed in Southampton.

This one's more stark and angular but just as catchy. 'She's Transparent' is a floaty but grunty track, 'Modulation Blisters' sounds exactly like the title and 'Ism' got people coming over and asking what I was playing. What I want to emphasise is the sense of melody here, these aren't 'soundscapes' or just the sound of metallic stridulation. You can stick this album on an have it backgrounding or you can turn it up and throw mad shapes to it.
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