Ethernet MP3
Slim Devices

This morning, I got one of these gadgets delivered:

It’s basically a doodad to play mp3s off any designated drive/folder on your LAN… so my big PC which has all my CDs on it (around 1500 now in mp3 form) is now the music server for my house. It’s a noisy bastard but that’s fine cos it’s now humming away in the next room and my sitting room is quiet enough to do Segovia justice.

The SliMP3 comes with a little remote control which lets you browse through your music folder, make playlists and do all the usual stuff.

All you do to configure it is plug it into your router (or straight into your PC’s NIC via crossover Cat 5) and then it works out everything by DHCP and connects to the server app anywhere on the network. Oh, and it can play net radio stations too, which is finally useful to me now with broadband…

It’s lovely…
love and kisses,