God Bothering

Ok, welcome ladies and gentleman, to yet another Science vs. Religion arguement in disguise. This time Death. In Science’s (anti-religion) corner, We have Jyoti, with his preaching Synth Pop. In Religion’s (anti-common sense), We have God, with his preaching blend of reggae and Funk.
(Mightysmurf @ Sep 15 2002, 02:08 AM)

God has never spoken to humans because there is no god. What we’ve had is humans saying god has spoken to them, an entirely different matter.

Ok, after hearing both sides of the arguement, i have reached this conclusion: Death cannot be proved to be the end or the beginning.

You’re doing the old ‘well, you can’t DISPROVE god and life after death argument’ which is unsupportable. The burden of proof doesn’t lie on me, it lies on the people claiming the ridiculous thing. For example, there are fairies in your garden who smoke crack and fart in your eyes when you’re asleep. What do you mean there aren’t? Okay DISPROVE they exist…. You can’t… And why should you have to? I should have to provide proof of their existence. There is no proof of god or life after death. None at all.

Science can say, well, you know, your dead, thats it. But 500 years ago science said, the worlds flat, and 1000 years ago, the sun is god. Therefore science’s arguement is not accpeted due to dam right ignorance.

Ahem! I think you’ll find that was RELIGION that claimed those things on the basis of the Bible or whatever, like modern-day Creationists not wanting to accept we’re apes. The point of science is that nothing is ever true, you must question everything. The most you can say, as Richard Feynman pointed out, is that, as far as we know, we believe this certain fact/law to be true SO FAR. Tomorrow morning, some genius might come up with an exception or disproof. Whereas, if you question a religion you’ll get stoned to death, burned at the cross or some fucker will fly a plane into your skyscraper.

Religion…just how many arguements are you putting across here? Souls, possession, ghosts, re-incarnation…make your mind up. Im sorry religion but you can’t have it everyway. Your ideas are ignored coz you suck at making decisions.

It’s all mummery and superstition. It’s a crutch for people scared of the bleak reality of death.

I here by decree that science and religion will continou to bore each other to death with their ideas. As the Grim Reaper I don’t give a toss who’s right as long as im kept in buisness. I will hear no more evidence. The end.

There is no Grim Reaper. The universe doesn’t give a shit if a bunch of hairless apes live or die. We’re totally insignificant. As for all the religious believers out there, there’s also people out there who believe all kinds of mad shit, that doesn’t mean I have to agree with their puny, diseased brains Cos if you go by what you’re saying, you should join the church of David Icke. I mean, can you DISPROVE the world isn’t run by a secret cabal of reptiles, huh? Can you? There is no heaven or hell, no absolute good or evil incarnate. Just us hairless horny apes running round, telling stories to each other and making up things like god and the devil as an excuse for our successes and failures. It’s yet another way, along with drink and drugs that people evade taking responsibility for their own actions. "Oh, I was pissed!" "Oh, I was stoned!" "Oh, the nasty devil made me do it!"

Jyoti, we may be hairless apes, but who knows what happens to apes in general as well as all animals when we die. We could be in a matrix for all you know.
(Mightysmurf @ Sep 15 2002, 05:56 PM)

Yes, and we could all be made into muffins by the Cottage Cheese Gnome and then live happily in ETERNAL BISCUIT LAND with all the Jaffa Cakes singing hosannas and a very big, grumpy ant called Alf. …go on DISPROVE THAT!

I find Ockham’s Razor to be applicable here: why believe convoluted theories (which aren’t even internally consistent) about possible modes of afterlife when it’s much more likely we’re just wormfood?
love and kisses,