The Digital Alexandria

I’ve just downloaded two tracks I’ve been after for years and that are currently un-issued by any record company: ‘Bamboo Houses’ by Ryuichi Sakamoto / David Sylvian and ‘Clouds Across The Moon’ by The Rah Band.

I nearly cried when I heard these tracks – I’ve been after both of them for at least 19 years!

It struck me that (providing we don’t get blown to shit by Bush/Bin Laden) the net is now becoming more and more historically crucial as an alternative. It’s the only place to turn to if you don’t just want the output the major entertainment corporations see fit to give us.

There’s not enough demand for any label to keep these two titles in print but there’s a few weirdos out there with the same bizarre tastes as me so the music won’t die…

Maybe this’ll happen to some of the bands on here ( You may not get paid for it but once you’ve got your songs up on the net, who knows where the buggers end up. You could have a tiny worldwide fanbase and not even know about it.

Once your song is out there as digital information, who knows where it’ll end up? On US kids mixtapes, on an alien’s walkman… or perhaps in the year 3002 someone will be rocking to a Dead By Dawn song – if they like classical music
love and kisses,