Age And Ageing

When I was nine, the time between two Christmases would be approximately twenty years. And if I wanted something for my birthday and my parents said ‘wait till Christmas’ that would be about 40 years.

Now Christmas seems to come around about once every four months.

When I was young, I was constantly surprised by the weather. I knew, logically, the procession of seasons but cos a year seemed to last about 200 years, I couldn’t grasp the ebb and flow of time.

Now I can feel the seasons changing. Here, at the top-end of Ford Lane, there’s the smell of Summer in the air. Badly-lit barbecues, boy-racers and distant thumping sub woofers. Yes, I can smell sub woofers. Entirely different from the spangly crispness of Spring or the amiable langour of Autumn. Don’t start me on Winter…

When I was young, I thought I’d always have a set of friends, that nothing could change how much we loved each other and that we’d always be in bands, going clubbing, discovering new music together.

Now I know that people change, it’s natural. Most people are only into music from pre-teen to about 26 or 27… say fifteen years at a push. Life comes along, boyfriends, girlfriends…. work. And then you see someone in the Blue Note you haven’t seen for years and you realise they haven’t bought any new records since 1992. That was their time, they’ll be forever there, like a fly in amber, puzzled by System Of A Down or MOP.

I’ve seen these waves of teenage fashion arrive, take over and then slowly die in the Blue Note:
Acid House
Rare Groove
Smiths Boys
Baggy Kids
Grunge Kids
and currently we’re in a nu-metal/rock/post-hardcore phase. God knows what’s coming next.

I remember the 70s. I remember the 80s (I started nightclubbing in 1981). I remember the 90s.

I’m now old enough to sense the flow of decades. I like being old, although I do feel like Rutger Hauer at the end of Blade Runner… well, that coupled with the end of Stand By Me when Dreyfuss is narrating and his friends fade out.

I’m looking forward to the future, going to many more gigs and buying shitloads more records!
love and kisses,

Written on my 36th birthday, July 30th 2002