Gig Review: Capdown, Lightyear, Potshot

Derby Spot Club 8/4/2002

Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 12:53:41 +0100

My god – what a cool bastard gig! Ska! Sadly, me and Rob got there too late to see The Chinkees but we caught most of Potshot’s set and they had a tight, mad brass section and some pretty catchy songs. Good yelping from the singer, too. I’m not a huge fan but they were good live so I think I’ll check out their records.


Lightyear came on and rocked like the long lost sons of Black Flag and The Selecter. They far outshone their album, throwing off a live energy that was madly contagious. It was the kind of assured, flowing performance you’d expect of old hands, not young punks. The vibe they created was very peaceful and friendly which is possibly why one female fan got completely starkers, stage-dived and then ran round like a nutter. Either that or she did it for a bet. Not to be outdone, one lad threw his caution and y-fronts to the winds and crowdsurfed. Ouch…watch where you’re putting those hands…

Lightyear were tremendously, astonishingly good. This isn’t just my usual hyperbole – Rob agrees and hopefully he’ll post his own views. Quote of the night was from Lightyear’s singer, "What about Potshot, eh? You lot have come from Chaddesen, they’ve come from fucking JAPAN!" Then came Capdown. In a way, they had more to live up to for me cos I like ‘Pound For The Sound’ so much. Well, they more than matched it. Again, their live set had a ferocity, a kind of evangelical fervour that isn’t captured on the record. The record is heavier than their live show but the show rocks more. Just from the opening sax break, kids went mad and I lost Rob as he ran off to pogo at the front. I refrained, not wanting to crush teenage bones.

They also had a difficult task cos Lightyear are local lads and had a loyal following present but from where I was standing, Capdown rocked the crowd. They inspired some of the stupidest, insanely energetic ska-dancing I’ve seen in years. And that was only Rob. The circular mosh pit they organised at the end of their last song quickly went to hell but, hey, anyone can trip over.

When we were driving back, me and Rob were raving about the gig. The main thing was that the bands *connected* with the audience. There was no performer – audience gap, there was only a unified singing, dancing mob. Fucking brilliant!

If any of these bands are playing near you, please go and check them out. Hopefully, you’ll come away like me and Rob: slightly deaf but grinning madly,
love and kisses,