Capdown – Pound For The Sound

(Household Name Records HAUS043)
From: Jyoti Mishra

Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 17:04:14 +0100

Now, I’m not really big into ska-punk cos I’m far too old and fat to dance to it. That being said, I gave this a quick listen and I had to buy it cos of its energy. As soon as the chorus of ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ kicks in, I feel my aged flesh vainly trying to launch itself moshwards. And you’d better watch the fuck out when I crowdsurf…

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CAPitalist DOWNfall, eh? Well, it’d be nice.

Meanwhile, there isn’t a duff track on here. Capdown switch gears effortlessly between fleet, bouncy ska and then, a bar later, heavy bastard rock. All the songs are concise and catchy, in and out without ever giving you a chance to get bored. Tracks like ‘Judgement Days’ remind me of the Dead Kennedys. There’s that Jello kind of mad drama and sheer, um, loonery.

Then there’s ‘An A-Political Stand Of Reasons’ which I *have to* like cos it reminds me so much of Madness. Although it sounds *nothing like* Madness. Especially when the monster rock bit kicks in. Listen to them kick drums stutter! I defy anyone who likes rock music to not like this track – it’s so fucking mental.

‘Pound For The Sound’ (the song) barrels along like God-fucking-zilla. Never since X Ray Spex has a sax intro sounded so cool and catchy. This is just a brilliant, awesome pop song. It segues seamlessly into ‘Dub2’ which almost crosses the border into that terrifying new genre ProgSkaPunk but I still love it.

‘Dealer Fever’ doesn’t cut any slack. Huge, trainer-vibrating riffs, cool wah-wah and, I think, Rototoms, chug along, daring you not to dance. Absolutely awesome singing, too. Ahh… if I was only twenty years younger… or twenty stone lighter…

Of the three CDs (Blueline Medic and Xploding Plastix being the other two), Capdown’s is definitely the best. Which isn’t to say the others are bad, it’s just I’m a sucker for great pop music and, like I said, Capdown’s CD is overflowing with riffs, grunts and melodies that get my head nodding.

*PLUS* the songs are actually saying *something.* I’m so fucked-off with the reams of oh-so-trendy, tasteful, turntablism-lite instrumental bollocks clogging up the airwaves that it’s a positive fucking relief to hear sermons and polemics like Capdown’s. It’s easy to make me happy: give me great melody, give me compelling rhythm and then sing/rap about something you care about. Capdown do all that

Buy this album if you ever, ever liked the Specials, Crass or Nuclear Assault.

Don’t buy this album if you like the Avalanches.