Major – My Mood

(Disco Volante DVA-5005-CD)

Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 15:13:52 +0000
Organization: Bzangy Groink

‘My Mood’ opens with the cess-hymn ‘Get High’ and I don’t know why cos I think it’s one of the weakest tracks on the album, both lyrically and musically. I mean, it’s *okay*, it gets your head nodding and there’s nice plinking percussion (courtesy of 23 Skidoo) but as a whole, it’s nothing special.

Track 3, ‘Million Miles’ is far better, starting with a grand string theme and, like a lot of the tracks, croaky Nine-style half-sung, half-rapped vocals. Track 6, ‘Dark Dreams’, is very trip hoppy, co-written and with a lead vocal by Tahira Jumah.

The best track is ‘4 Shoes’ which has some lovely menacing strings courtesy of Izzi Dunn and Stella Page and another Tahira Jumah melodic vocal. The rapped vocal is very gruff and Chandleresque. I like the feel of this album (mixed by Special Ed) and it’s very ambitious. Sometimes it works, sometimes it over-reaches but at least it’s trying. Buy this album if you’re not particularly in a party mood. Don’t buy it if you’re looking for something light and frothy.