Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

(Warp WAP144CD)

Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 15:13:52 +0000
Organization: Bzangy Groink

This is a very lovely four track single.

The first track, ‘kid for today’ starts with soft organish chords, some thwacking and a squodgy bass drum. Then a very BoC melody comes in, very low and understated. To be honest, I’d love BoC whether they used synths or guitars to make their music as long as they had their sense of melody. I guess because, like Kraftwerk, it’s a very minimal, non-jazz melodiousness that’s more Debussy or Satie than Wagner.

The first track is my overall favourite but the others aren’t fillers. I guess my next fave would be the eponymous track which features kid giggling and what sounds like a Cylon reading a travel brochure. All the tracks share that kind of elegaic sadness that BoC seem to have copyrighted. They do demand time and attention to get into, like classical music, but if you give them time you’re rewarded by subtle restatements and modifications of the themes, plus a growing urge to do bad ballet.

Buy this single if you’d like to spend an hour or two staring at the rain and sighing. Don’t buy it if you feel like taking purple hearts and pogoing on your bed.