Crazy Penis – A Nice Hot Bath with….

I’ve had this CD for a while now so I can unashamedly recommend it. It’s nine sublimey bopping choons lasting around seventy minutes.

The feel is sort-of Fila Brazillia/Pork Records stuff but is peraps a bit more mainstream poppy, which is fine by me. I guess you’d broadly call it house but definitely towards the funky end rather than four-on-the-floor stomping. Just the swing of the tracks makes you want to dance. Rhodri, if you’re reading this, this CD will have a more hypnotic effect on you than Stardust did.

My fave overall track is number two, ‘Do It Good’. This is just an amazingly stomping groove. It starts off with cross-mod squeals over a resonant pad and then this horn stab comes in. Then a huge squelchy bass coupled with a lovely tight beat. I’m not lying about this track – it’s pure pop. If this got used on a telly ad somewhere or borke on the radio, it’d be an instant hit.

The rest of the album’s just as bum-shaking, in various different styles. ‘Omega Man’ has got some suitably haunting strings at the start and a darker beat. ‘A Little Something’ is just very summery and floaty. Makes you wish you were floating on a luxury yacht somewhere… niiice…Overall, it’s probably more jazzy than average, whilst still remaining house (ie, it’s not as jazzy as Fourtet or as experimental as Slicker). But just to prove they don’t take themselves too seriously, there’s a (ahem) appropriate sample at the end of ‘3Play It Cool.’ I won’t say what it is here cos they’d get their arses sued.

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Buy this CD if you loved the Air, Daft Punk, Money Mark albums. Avoid it if you hate “bleepy bedroom dance music shite”.
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