Various – Hashisheen, The End Of Law

(Sub Rosa : SR154)
Author: Jyoti Mishra
Date: 1999/03/27
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Ummm..this is probably the weirdest thing I bought today. Sonic cathedrals of sound (provided by people like Bill Laswell, Eyeless In Gaza, Jah Wobble, Techno Animal, Sussan (sic) Deyhim and Helios Creed) with readings by William Burroughs, Genesis P. Orridge, Hakim Bey, Iggy Pop and other notables.

I won’t spoil what the album’s about, in case you do check it out but I find it strangely compelling. Okay, a lot of people may say that it crosses over into art-installation, ‘this-picture-was-painted-with-my-period-blood’ territory but I like it. And being an old school 4AD fan, I’ve had my wankiness limit pre-raised.

Buy it if you bought ‘No More Cocoons’, are a William Burroughs completist or just want to listen to some seriously crazy spoken-word shit. Don’t buy it if you think Cast are a bit too art-rock.