Trans Am – Futureworld

(Thrill Jockey : Thrill062)
Author: Jyoti Mishra
Date: 1999/03/27
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The only other TA stuff I’ve got is their City Slang cd ‘Surrender To The Night’ which I love. I used to play ‘Cologne’ when I was DJing and it always rocked the floor. This album is heavier and also more electronic. At times it sounds like a Metallica playing Kraftwerk. Which I guess ends up in Big Black territory 😉

There’s loads of vocodery vocals about futureworlds, fleepy-floopy anaolg synth sweeps. But as the backing for this is often metal bass and rhythms, the overall sound is… umm… unique. ‘Cocaine Computer’ is a particularly funky little tune with cross mod lead sounds over an almost Cameo rhythm. Way too short and it fades out. Bastards.

This is a really schizoid album. One track can be as heavy as fuck and the next tootle merrily along with undued clap sounds and phased Tron strings. If there is a theme it’s that the CD starts out nearly purely guitarry and then gets more synthetic track by track. And even the type of synthiness changes, from lush German symphonics to bzangy groink. But then the last song, ‘Sad & Young’ is a gentle guitar workout that morphs into a big Mercury Rev-ish noisewall. Hmmm..

Buy this CD if you like Add N To X, Throbbing Gristle, DAF, or Big Black. Avoid if you want to hear snappy two minute pop songs.