Cylob – Previously Unavailable On Compact Disc

Author: Jyoti Mishra
Date: 1999/03/05

Another comp, this one a bit more recent. Starts off with the quite stunningly beautiful Flicklife which reminds me of John Carpenter’s film stuff. All of the stuff on here has been out before but it’s good to have it all rubbing shoulders. I guess that also contributes to the variety (there’s also mixes by uZiq, Aphex and Autechre). Moody, sad elegaic, silly Paradinas noises, electro – it’s all here. There’s even a track (Flad) which sounds like prime Test Department till the bzangy noises come in. Mmmmm… metal bashing…. Lovely! Also check out the Rewind 12″ as plugged by Ant Chapman. He was right – it’s humongous. Buy this album if you haven’t got most of the originals and wish to follow the way of the groink. Don’t buy it if you hate “bleepy bedroom shite.”