Boards Of Canada – Music Has The Right To Children

(Warp/Skam Warpcd55 / skald1)

Well, after many endorsements from Mark and toe, I ordered this from Soundclash and….

It’s amazing. I can honestly say that this record is the closest I’ve heard in terms of aesthetic to Kraftwerk. Unlike Komputer, BoC don’t pastiche K, but they share the same melodic sensibility and sonic freshness. Each track has a narrative, an underlying structure that’s closer to “classical” music than pop. The sounds are often atonal and deliberately dissonant. But they’re so dissonant that they make normal music sound…. boring. It’s a bit like when I first got into Sonic Youth after having heard Teenage Riot, I couldn’t listen to any ‘normal’ guitar bands cos their chords sounded so dull.

My favourite track is number 10 which I think is called ‘Roygbiv.’ It is awesome. It starts off with a fat, offbeat synthbass. The clicky, dolphiny beat kicks in and then the most sublime chords I’ve heard since Satie or Debussy. This track is beautiful. It’s only very short but it takes hold of you insanely efficiently. I went out to a nightclub last night, listened to a whole night of stuff and yet the only tune in my head in the taxi home was ‘Roygbiv.’

Another great one is ‘Aquarius.’ It’s got one of those wobbly, dubby basslines that just make you smile when you hear them. And it fits so funkily, it’s a classic head-nodder. I’m sure this album’s gonna be heavily sampled by hiphoppers, if it hasn’t been already. The rhythms are at once compelling and hypnotic but yet loose and… different.

Really, every track hooks me. There’s not a dud on here, similar to the Fila Brazillia album. At the same time, as a musician, this is the kind of album that depresses the hell out of me. It’s so far ahead of what I’m doing, so much better than 99% of what I’m doing. I mean, when I listen to Embrace or Mansun, I can believe I’m a creative genius. But when I listen to this album, I feel like a tone-deaf moron. Who can’t produce. I’ve obviously got to try harder.

I know I get over-enthusiastic when I post stuff but, like Jimmy Possession, that’s partly cos I just don’t review music I think is shite. But with BoC, I want everyone to buy the CD. Even if you hate electronic music, give it a listen. Yeah, it’s sort-of ambient, but not really at all. There’s too much going there for it to be aural wallpaper.

If you like Kraftwerk, Can, TD, Satie, Grieg, Debussy or Sonic Youth, you’re gonna want to marry this album. I myself took the CD to bed with me last night. Otherwise, you’re probably only gonna love it.
love and kisses,