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(sorry for the repost – pipex is being arse)

I’ve finally got round to following some of the recommendations in the bzangy groinky thread and have bought:

We Are Reasonable People – Warp
…which is another Warp compilation. It’s brill, and I think I even prefer it to the old Artificial Intelligence comps. Beautiful tracks by Boards of Canada, Autechre, Mira Calix and other Warpsters. So far my favourite is the Plone track ‘Plaything’ for its sheer fartiness and similarity to the theme music from Moody & Peg. Buy this album just for its amazing variety of flatulent diarrhea(sp?) noises.

Harthouse Retrospective – Harthouse
I saw this and had to snap it up. Of course, it’s more four-on-the-floor than any of the Warp stuff and probably to a lot of ears less experimental. But twenty quid for four CDs of some of the finest thumping, creaking and weebling ever recorded just can’t be wrong. Great tracks by Speedy J, Metal Master, Arpeggiators and, of course, Hardfloor. The Laurent Garnier remix of the Resistance D. track also captures that floaty, zonked feeling perfectly (mind you, I say this as a teetotal, kinda-straight-edge guy so I could be wrong).

Chinese Whispers – Sprawl Imprint
I reckon the insert sums up the concept of this album succinctly, “Stereolab remixing T-Power remixing Subtropic remixing Si Begg remixing Bedouin Ascent remixing Slang remixing Freeform remixing Mike Paradinas remixing Ultramarine remixing The Sons Of Silence remixing Stereolab.”


Of course, this results in one hell of a mixed album. I liked pretty much all of it, especially the nastily aliasing Paradinas samples in his intro. Very Commodore Pet. Again, I’m running out of real words to describe most of these tracks. Apart from the Bedouin Ascent one being fairly traditionally clattery in a cutlery-dropping-on-marble-floor way. Buy it if you like all the Warpy kind of stuff more than the more ‘traditional’ techno/electronic/house/deep bolivian skunk stuff. It’s definitely more Boyd Rice than Carl Cox.
I better go now cos I’ve more records to babble on about…
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