Cappadonna, Sunz of Man, Big Punisher

(Now that I’ve moved to Norwich, I have access to all the hip hop I’ve been wanting to buy for ages…)

Finally got that Jurassic 5 album and it’s good. The obvious first comparison is to De La’s ‘3ft High’ period but there’s other things in there as well. Some of the early Del (TFH) stuff and even 3rd Bass. My favourite so far is ‘Concrete Schoolyard’ which is just a great pop song. It should be number one if times weren’t so strange and the oxymoronic spectacle of a corporate punk band didn’t hold that crown. Gits. J5 also win Marvel No-Prizes for not having the ghost of Wu-Tang hovering over them like too much stuff around now.

Cappadonna – The Pillage
I s’pose that’s unfair since Cap’s actually produced by Rza and the Wus. But still… Even though his flow’s brilliant on track’s like ‘Pillage’ , the sonics drag me down a bit. I mean, I still love the sound but it’s still that sound. Innit. Buy it for the rapping – it’s worth it.

Sunz Of Man – The Last Shall Be The First
What’s that smelll?? I smell….WU! But I like this album more than Cap’s mainly cos of the scope of the lyrics. A track like ‘Illusions’ has that kind of world-weary cynicism that can’t be faked – it has to be learned the hard way. It reminds me a lot of Nas. Yep, there’s the usual sword clashes and Wu-trademark Les Dawson piano riffs but I still rate this CD. Like the first Gravediggaz LP, they create this claustrophobic world of Illuminati, superheroes/villains and NOI splinter sects.

Big Punisher – Capital Punishment
Now poor old Punisher got a terrible review from that staunch guardian of white, middle-class morality, the NME. Apparently, he’s a nasty sexist who doesn’t even sound like Tzant so how can he be hip hop?? It was nearly as good a hatchet job as when Momus got 0/10 from Barbara Ellen for much the same reasons. Though he’s a lot skinnier… I like this album. It most reminds me of Chubb Rock, he’s got that kind of teacherly pissed-offness but coupled with a nastier vocabulary and artillery delivery. The album does suffer a bit from guest-aritus, with Noreaga, Fat Joe, Mobb Deep, Wu (arghhh not again), Busta Rhymes and the inevitable Wyclef. Even so, BP’s got his own style sonically as well as lyrically. Weirdly, it reminds me of old Katch 22.

Has anyone seen the vid for ‘I’m Not A Player?’ I mean, I’m a very fat bloke (wheezing when I get up etc.) and Ant Chapman’s what I’d call tubby. But BP’s like our combined weight welded into a short bloke. Seeing him dancing round in his pyjamas was one the most surreal things on MTV this year…
love and kisses,