The Big Idea

Author: Jyoti Mishra
Date: 1998/08/06

I got a copy of the Big Idea’s new single from Mr. Wayne Artex himself this morning. It cheered me up loads because it’s poppy, bizzarre and not even vaguely trying to be hip-bleedin’-house or schmindie.
Overall, it’s very synthpop, which is, of course, cool by me. The songs are:
1. Bored Housewife
A tale of marital infidelity. This sounds like Separations-period Pulp crossed with Squeeze and Vince Clarke. Chorus is : “She’s a housewife and I love her but I’ve gotta be gone by three cos her mother’s coming round for tea.” Excellent. Not one mention of teenage angst or Bolivian freedom fighters. Imagine the June Brides with synths.
2. Stick Or Twist
Umm…This has got a verse riff that’s jerky in a Devo (good) way but the song itself sounds like an electro version of ‘Johnny Remember Me’ (gooder). Honestly. The best coda in a long time – they’ve just nicked the ‘Intel Inside’ riff. They’ll get their arses sued if this becomes a hit. Believe me, I know.
3. It’s So Obvious
This one’s my favourite. It’s very simple, very poppy. Lovely harmonies. Magnificent cheesy drum sounds. Here, the singer strays into almost Robert Wyatt territory. And I like songs with bits that go “woahh-ohhh-ohh” in them. Which is why Jimmy The Hoover were great.
4. Eye Contact
This one is the track that makes me think they’re one bun short of a trolley. Nice floaty intro, boingy piano riff and a lead sound like Madonna’s ‘Holiday.’ It’s 4.47 long and you think, oooohh what a nice instrumental. Then the vocals come in. Just one verse. After four minutes and twenty-three seconds. Now that’s some intro. If, like me, you’re a fan of the theme from Howard’s Way, you’ll like this. Yes, I am being serious.
More Stuff About The Band
I first saw The Big Idea when they supported David Devant at the Derby gig I arranged earlier this year. I’d asked Mikey if he’d bring his favourite unsigned band as a support. They played a good gig and I was struck, then as now, by how they don’t sound current. You know, every other new band you hear wants to be bloody Oasis or arsing Radiohead. They didn’t. They had their influences, sure, but they also had their own style that wasn’t merely an ironic checklist of previous genre guides. I want more bands like this and less fakeass depressive clones.

Anyway, the single’s out on Lucky Pierre Recordings and it’s cat no. is Pier 002. Buy it. It’s brill.
love and kisses,