The Orchids & Mcarthy

Author: Jyoti Mishra
Date: 1998/07/27
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I was tidying up and put on the Orchids’ ‘Epicurean’ CD comp. I haven’t listened to it for ages. What a great band they were. I only wish some of the “indie” chancers knocking about nowadays could write tunes as good as ‘Something For The Longing’ or ‘Long Drawn Sunday Night.’

Matt Shinkansen told me how they’d given up after slogging on for so many years. Poor buggers. What a waste. Why is it only good artists know when to stop? Felt, the Orchids… and yet I bet bloody Embrace and Radiohead will keep going like the bastard Stones. Arsenuts.

And yes, I’ve wittered on about Mcarthy before on this ng. For me, Mcarthy were like the Redskins but clever. With better tunes. I listened to ‘Write To Your MP Today’ and it was as fresh, nasty and pertinent as when they released it. I’m afraid I’ve never got the same hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck-twitching thrill from Stereolab. It’s the depth of emotion in Mcarthy’s lyrics that hooks me. The only other music I get that from is contemporary hip hop.

All the new schmindy stuff I hear is asinine navel-gazing, the paucity of meaning matched only by the mendacity of its production. Music made by scrotal scabs for easy consumption by pubic lice.

Ah well….musn’t grumble, eh? It’s only music, after all.
love and kisses,