Tedious Rambling Post About a Load of CDs I’ve just bought

Date: 18/5/1998 Forum: uk.music.alternative

Whilst on a flying visit to beautiful, sunny and much-maligned Norwich I have bought the following:

First the old stuff:

YMO Best Of and Naughty Boys
Oooh – I had to. Dirt cheap (6ukp for both) and dead good. As soon as Computer Games (Theme From Firecracker) came on, I was transported to those halcyon days of MC4s that only very determined blokes called Sakamoto could programme. No Tzant then, no sirree…

The Knack Get The Knack & …But The Little Girls Understand
Powerpop/pub-rock? Yesh! Good Girls Don’t? Yesh! My Sharona!? Ripe for a Snuff cover-version, definitely.

Group Home Living Proof
Finally got it on CD after getting annoyed with my illegally home-taped version. Still sounds great, Premier as thudding and minimal as can be without just hitting a load of skips. Supa Star is a classic.

Bobbie Gentry Greatest Hits
Play this and Beth Orton’s ‘Trailer Park’ back to back and it’s s c a r y ! The lyrics to Fancy are even weirder than Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town, which I hadn’t thought possible until now. It’s hard to love a man whose legs are bent and paralysed.

New Stuff:

Air Moon Safari
S’okay. I’ve listened to it a couple of times now and the worst I can say is that it sometimes sounds like my Dad’s Moog LPs from the 70s. Which is quite good really. Nice MS20 programming. But then, it’s much easier to program a synth when you have to whack huge patch cables in it just to make a farty noise. Disciplines you, inna Laibach stylee.

Money Mark Push The Button
I was very surprised by how good this CD is. Not to say I bought it hoping it was crap but you know what I mean. Fave tracks are Too Like You which sounds a bit Edwyn Collins with an EMS Synthi and Destroyer which sounds like Huggy Bear drumming for the Alabama Three. Really. I guess this is my fave cos it’s as far away from guitar Britpop/schmindie/designer-angst as you can get. Plus you can dance to it like the Rah Band, which is always good. But you should only buy it if you have a deep love of Landscape and New Muzik.
love and kisses,