Spearmint – Sweeping The Nation

Just thought I’d follow up my earlier post now that I’ve managed to track down a copy of the CD single. The 1st track is just as brill as I remember it from Wunnerful R1. The second track (Best Friends) is more straight-ahead punky, with a gated start that’s a teeny bit like the noisy bit out of U2’s ‘Numb’ with a synthy twiddle that’s a bit
Servotron / Devo. It also reminds me a bit of some of the Beekeepers stuff.

‘Slips Away’ is another pop thrum. The chords sort of remind me of Flipper’s Guitar via ‘High Land, Hard Rain.’ The last track, ‘Do You Remember Me’, is a short, sweet jazzy thing. You’d probably like this one if (like me) you like(d) the Sugargliders or Blueboy. In fact, the singer bloke’s voice sounds spookily like Josh Sugarglider at the
start. Is he an Aussie?

I know that Rhodri may wince at my comparisons but what I’m trying to say (albeit flumpily) is that this is an ace single. I’ve listened to ‘Sweeping The Nation’ continuously now over 30 times and I’m still not bored. It’s those backing vocals, that guitar smash. Oooh… And judging by the rest of the *songs* (as opposed to fillers), I’m gonna love the album. Buy it. Definitely the best fiver I’ve spent recently.
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