‘Your Woman’ Video

The video was directed by Mark Adcock who works for Partisan. He’s just recently done the vid for the new Red Kross single.

I chatted with Mark and we really got on. We’re both into the same kind of stuff (Stellarc, Linda Williams, Annie Sprinkle) so we were just ranting at each other. The only things I can lay claim to is that I wanted the vid to represent the myth of femininity in competition with the reality (hence the race).

I hate performance vids and said form the start that I din’t want to be in it. But since that would look as if I was afraid of being seen, we compromised at the telly shots (which he filmed on Hi-8 in my bedroom/studio). The signposts, Buster Keaton feel, casting of actors – that was all Mark. Oh – and I definitely wanted it done in Derby as well since it was about here.

I think he did brilliantly and we should start work on the next single in a couple of weeks time. I’m looking forward to it – the guy really is one of the coolest people I’ve met so far.
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