Leaving The Meat Behind – Spam Included

Mar 10 1996, 9:00 am
Newsgroups: alt.geek
From: jyoti@innotts.co.uk (Jyoti Mishra)

As a lifelong Sci-Fi geek, I was wondering if any other geeks out
there had any views on future living? Not so much in the sense of AIs
but in the prospect of a posthuman future – a future not bound to the
meat imperatives that Eric seems to see as ‘weaknesses.’

Personally, I’d love to have it all. My sexuality has been the major
influence in the construction of my identity and I can’t imagine any
transcription of this self that ignored that part of me. But perhaps
the old ways are hobbling us in our journey further into vspace. Part
of the reason I love computing and the net is that (so far) it is such
a cerebrally-focused area. You can’t see, touch or smell me. Well,
maybe with Cu-See Me or Webphone etc but that side of the net is still
quite primitive. Maybe we’re in the net equivalent of the silent movie
era and the bandwidth-guzzling multimedia net apps are the talkies.

Also, the last time I looked, net growth was still exponential. Surely
this quantitative change will eventually translate into a qualitative
mutation? It might verge into chaotic growth, collapsing or exploding
according to its own internal dialectic. An old-timer like Green Star
(even though she’s 9 years younger than me ;-)) would say that it
already has in the way traffic has slowed down. Looking at all the
imbecilic spam around here, it’s easy to agree with her.

This is partly a rites-of-passage problem. As net access becomes less
and less technically challenging (thanks to those freebie CDs/disks)
more technically un-aware people come online. Now, we were all newbies
at one time and the majority quickly learn net culture after the
initial obligatory slips. The corollary of this is that there is the
5-10 percent minority who are dolts and cannot or will not adapt to
the new society around them. Spam is *their* product. A Tourette-like
spew they indulge in cos “it’s only computers – what does it matter if
I’m rude/crazy/irrelevant?” Hmmm. If bad karma could kill, these
knobheads would be wormfood.

Anyone else like to offer their comments?
love and kisses,

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