Geeks And Their Gadgets

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As there seemed to be so much god-bothering, I thought I’d try and start off a new thread. What’s your favourite gadgets? Here’s my top six (in order of memory, rather than importance):

1. My PC setup – P60, 16meg, 540hd, Motorola V.34, Canon BJC4000. Like Green Star, I love listening to my modem’s carrier tones – sweet harmonies. Nearly as nice as MTC code or SMPTE…..

2. My Music gear – Emax II, TR808, Moog Rogue, MC202, TR707, JX3P, Tascam 688, Sony DTC750DAT, Casio CZ101, Syquest SCSI 44mb (removable). I guess I’m most fond of my Moog. It’s pots may be scratchy but it was my *first* synth.

3. My Casio Data Bank Watch – This is the one item that gets me the most ‘Jesus, what a GEEK!’ stares. I love it! I store all my mate’s birthdays in it plus any phone numbers I need. Hey, sometime I might need to know the time in Honolulu 🙂

4. My Amstrad NC100 Notepad – second most likely to cause ‘eeoooww’-type attention. Especially since I take all my Uni notes on it now. My excuse is that I’ve got shitty handwriting but really I’m a total TECH-FETISHIST! Can be very sexy when I upload to my PC at the end of the week 🙂

5. My Car Stereo – 5 speakers, 100w amp in the back feeding two dual-concentrics plus a 12″ sub-woofer. The bass shakes my fillings when it’s going – especially if it’s Souls of Mischief or Channel Live. Had to disconnect it at the moment cos it was causing too much power-drain in the bleak English mid-winter 🙁

6. My Gameboy – Nuff said!

Well, what sets your fair hearts a-trembling? Anyone still got a soft spot for their old Big-Traks?