Dump Trump – UK National Protest, London 13/7/2018

Dump Trump-58

On Friday, my mate Nat and I had the privilege of attending the national anti-Trump demo in London.

It was wild.

I had planned on doing the whole march but I’d fucked my left ankle in the week (over-walking, ironically) and it was in a brace so we ended up just joining the rally at Trafalgar Square. (To be honest, we were aiming to join the march halfway but I hilariously mis-judged how ridiculously slow “hopping in a cab” would be… Nat was the model of forbearance, only pointing out the one time that we could have been there in twenty minutes by Tube.)

Well, we got to the Square, which we’ve been at many times before and it was mind-blowing. We had to walk there from quite a way because… well, there were just too many people. Here’s an aerial video from the BBC:

We could barely make any progress into the square, it was so rammed! And the diversity of protestors was extraordinary; this wasn’t your usual conglomeration of seasoned lefty types, there were all sorts out. The signs people were carrying reflected this as usually they’re overwhelmingly official organisers’ signs, handed out by stewards. But at Friday’s demo, most of the signs I saw were hand made. Some of them, like this one were works of art:


Dump Trump-19

This was a simply huge demonstration that people in Britain are angry about Trump’s racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic reign and are refusing to keep quiet about it no matter how much Theresa May pals up to him. The man is a walking pustule of hatred for all difference, I seriously still cannot believe he’s president. I never, in my entire life, thought there would be a new US president so demented, so hateful, so full of utter, utter shite that I would miss fucking Reagan.

Hallo, Donald!

I managed to get a shot of the Trump blimp which, apparently, has hurt his lil feelings:

Dump Trump-8

Awww, poor Trump! We should feel sorry we’ve hurt this man’s feelings, this man who forcibly tears families apart at the US border and revels in the tears of the separated children. As with all Tories, they’re the actual snowflakes: they act abominably to everyone they deem inferior but the minute someone says anything about them it’s “WAAH WAAAH WAAAHHH why you being soooo mean???”

So, no, I don’t give a shit about this idiotic weasel’s feelings. Fuck Trump, fuck his policies, fuck everyone who voted for him and fuck every cowardly US official propping up his corrupt regime.

(More pics of the demo here)

Stop Wiping Your Butt So Hard

Good morning, here’s a story about my butthole. Years ago, it was itching constantly, and I couldn’t figure out why. I assumed it was dirty, so when I went to the bathroom, I always made sure to wipe extra hard. Finally a doctor had to tell me to stop that, and give my butthole a break. I did, and I stopped itching. I tell you this humiliating story for a good reason: according to Mental Floss, a lot of you are wiping too hard as well.

Source: Stop Wiping Your Butt So Hard

Dante Virtual Soundcard Woes On An iMac Pro

Behold! My lovely, shiny, 32 in, 32 out Tascam ML-32D Dante audio interface.

That’s right, Dante, the amazing tech from Audinate that lets you send a gazillion streams of audio everywhere over plain old Cat5e or above cable. Dante will help!

Annoyed that Thunderbolt leads seem to have a maximum length of 2cm? DANTE!

Worried your USB extension is gonna come loose when the pigeons in your loft find it? DANTE!

It’s the one-stop solution to all your audio networking worries.

In theory…

I got my ML-32D yesterday morning. I hooked it up, booted my iMac Pro, fired up Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS), which is how your computer talks to a Dante network in the absence of dedicated hardware like a PCIe card, and beamed like a happy child at the screen.

But there was a RED BOX in Dante Controller (how you configure said network). The red box indicated the iMac Pro was not syncing with the ML-32D clock. Hmm, must be something simple, I thought… everything else is green, all the bits are being recognised.

So I tried swapping cables.

Then I tried swapping switches. Went from a Netgear to an Asus and then to switch-free, a direct connection from iMac Pro to ML32D.

Nope. Red box. Sync error.

I got in touch with Audinate customer support who were both extremely prompt and very helpful. I followed their suggestion and installed an older version of DVS.

Nope. Red box. Sync error.

From 9.30am until 1.30am this morning (well, with a couple of breaks to eat and have a little cry), I installed, un-installed, swapped cables and rebooted, rebooted, rebooted. All for naught.

Finally, I solved it. It’s all working perfectly now.

The fix: out of sheer desperation, I plugged in a Thunderbolt 3 (USBC) -> Thunderbolt 1/2 (old square socket) adaptor. Then I plugged in a Thunderbolt -> Ethernet adaptor. To create this Frankenkludge:
And it suddenly all just worked! It’s been working perfectly since. I haven’t changed any other settings, I’ve gone back to the original cables and switch I was using at the start, all fine.
So, DVS *does not* like the built-in Ethernet port on the iMac Pro. I don’t why, but that’s the root of the problem.

Arizona Cops Are Bastards

“The Mesa Police Department in Arizona voluntarily released surveillance video footage showing a group of officers brutally beating an unarmed man.

The video shows several police officers kneeing and punching Robert Johnson.”

(Source: BBC News)

TODAY’S all coppers are bastards.

Funny how the headline leaves out that the victim of this brutal attack was black…

Everest (2015)

Everest is a 2015 biographicaladventure film directed and produced by Baltasar Kormákur and written by William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy, adapted from Beck Weathers‘ memoir Left for Dead: My Journey Home from Everest(2000). It stars an ensemble cast of Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Sam Worthington, Keira Knightley, Emily Watson, and Jake Gyllenhaal. It is based on the real events of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster, and focuses on the survival attempts of two expedition groups, one led by Rob Hall (Clarke) and the other by Scott Fischer (Gyllenhaal).

Source: Everest (2015)

Just watched this and spent most of the last half hour weeping. The scenes with Hall and his pregnant wife…. you’d have to be made of fucking stone not to tear up.

I never saw Everest when it was first released, I don’t know why. But this is a seriously moving film. It never strays into worthiness or hagiography, opting instead for an almost documentary feel. I deliberately didn’t look up the true story it’s based on beforehand because I didn’t want the ending spoiled. So, when it did come, I had no idea who would make it off the mountain or not. And I did keep hoping, ridiculously, that they would all make it.

When it comes… oh god.

What makes it worse is that I watched the iTunes Extras which features interviews with the bereaved relatives including a daughter who never got to meet her father. Again, I dare you to watch that without dehydrating yourself through crying.

The heart of this film and the respect it pays to the real human lives it portrays is very rare. Add that to the wonderful acting, script and visual effects and you have one hell of a film, one that I know I’ll be coming back to in the future.