Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art Lens Test Shot

As a birthday pressie to myself, I bought the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art Lens.

Most of my portraiture is shot at 50mm, either with my f/1.8 or f/1.2 Canon lenses. I’d thought about getting an 85mm for a while now but the price of the Canon versions made me baulk. Then, along comes the Sigma, highly rated in reviews and I only have to sell the one kidney to buy it ~ RESULT!

When it arrived, I was struck by two things: first, how well made it feels, easily comparable to the silky smoothness of Canon L-series lenses. And secondly…. boy, is it made out of fucking neutronium or what? This is not a light lens (although it is a light lens as it’s a f/1.4… hehhhh). The 85mm on my Canon 5D Mk 4 is untenably heavy, I would want to use at least a monopod if I was shooting for longer than ninety minutes, preferably a tripod. Mounted (via the Sigma adaptor) on my Sony A7R3 and it’s lot more heftable, though the Sony looks slightly ridiculous hanging off the back of it. Like a chihuahua shagging a hippo. If I was tripod mounting this combo, I’d definitely want it to be via a lens ring rather than the camera body.

Luckily, my mate Nat was free to do some test shots and this is some of what we got:


Nat 85mm Test Shots

Enjoy! 😀

Radio 1 DJs – “What Are Furries?”

@BBCR1 #furries If you’re gonna talk about a subculture, it might help if your presenters don’t piss themselves laughing at it whilst introducing the clip. *hint* don’t become sociologists… ?

Seriously, though. First of all – who under 40 hasn’t even heard of furries in 2018? I cannot believe two YOUNG AND HIP AND HAPPENING Radio 1 DJs are so fucking out of it that they’re like, “WHAT IS THIS? PEOPLE DRESSING UP AS ANIMALS?”

For fuck’s sake CSI had a furry episode way back in 2003. 


I suggest Radio 1 hire people with at least half a fucking clue about contemporary (sub)cultures OR train the current roster of Mike Read-school mundanes to be a bit more broad-minded, eh?

Being this out of touch, this ridiculously unhip is probably one of the reasons Radio 1 is haemorrhaging young listeners at a disastrous rate.

But, leaving that aside – what gives these DJs the right to laugh at another group of people? So they like getting dressed up as animals and having conventions and making like-minded mates? Is that just not 18-pints-of-lager-and-a-shag-outside-a-chip-shop enough for you?

I’m reminded of all the fucks who used to laugh at me for liking comics when I was a kid. Bullying starts with laughter.

Dump Trump – UK National Protest, London 13/7/2018

Dump Trump-58

On Friday, my mate Nat and I had the privilege of attending the national anti-Trump demo in London.

It was wild.

I had planned on doing the whole march but I’d fucked my left ankle in the week (over-walking, ironically) and it was in a brace so we ended up just joining the rally at Trafalgar Square. (To be honest, we were aiming to join the march halfway but I hilariously mis-judged how ridiculously slow “hopping in a cab” would be… Nat was the model of forbearance, only pointing out the one time that we could have been there in twenty minutes by Tube.)

Well, we got to the Square, which we’ve been at many times before and it was mind-blowing. We had to walk there from quite a way because… well, there were just too many people. Here’s an aerial video from the BBC:

We could barely make any progress into the square, it was so rammed! And the diversity of protestors was extraordinary; this wasn’t your usual conglomeration of seasoned lefty types, there were all sorts out. The signs people were carrying reflected this as usually they’re overwhelmingly official organisers’ signs, handed out by stewards. But at Friday’s demo, most of the signs I saw were hand made. Some of them, like this one were works of art:


Dump Trump-19

This was a simply huge demonstration that people in Britain are angry about Trump’s racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic reign and are refusing to keep quiet about it no matter how much Theresa May pals up to him. The man is a walking pustule of hatred for all difference, I seriously still cannot believe he’s president. I never, in my entire life, thought there would be a new US president so demented, so hateful, so full of utter, utter shite that I would miss fucking Reagan.

Hallo, Donald!

I managed to get a shot of the Trump blimp which, apparently, has hurt his lil feelings:

Dump Trump-8

Awww, poor Trump! We should feel sorry we’ve hurt this man’s feelings, this man who forcibly tears families apart at the US border and revels in the tears of the separated children. As with all Tories, they’re the actual snowflakes: they act abominably to everyone they deem inferior but the minute someone says anything about them it’s “WAAH WAAAH WAAAHHH why you being soooo mean???”

So, no, I don’t give a shit about this idiotic weasel’s feelings. Fuck Trump, fuck his policies, fuck everyone who voted for him and fuck every cowardly US official propping up his corrupt regime.

(More pics of the demo here)