CEASEFIRE NOW! – Derby Protest 19/11/23


Today, Robbie and I thought we’d missed the demo (I couldn’t walk much so he waited patiently at The Spot with me) and then, BOOM, it arrived and we all piled in the Derbion.

You can see from the pics above that some rascally kids had set of flares inside so it was smoky but apart from that one piece of theatre, the whole sit-in was as peaceful as it was passionate.

This shows that we are NOT going away, we are not gonna back down until our government does something.

We are not going to let the crimes of Israel and their babykillers in the IDF just pass by, we will continue marching and shouting until there is justice for all Palestinians.

I Stand Corrected: Israel is JUST AWESOME!

GAZA, 15 November 2023 – “Today I visited the Gaza Strip to meet with children, their families and UNICEF staff. What I saw and heard was devastating. They have endured repeated bombardment, loss and displacement. Inside the Strip, there is nowhere safe for Gaza’s one million children to turn. 

“In Gaza, more than 4,600 children have reportedly been killed, with nearly 9,000 reportedly injured. 

Source: UNICEF

Apparently, Israel has not bombed ANY civilians in Gaza.

YUP – you read that right.

I have been corrected on Mastodon by two lovely people from Israel.

No hospitals have been bombed in Gaza: those were HAMAS BASES

4,600 children have not been slaughtered: those were FUTURE HAMAS

Btw, Israel is NOT illegally occupying any territory: the whole of the UN is anti-Semitic.


Please, please remember the above!

#FreePalestine #CeasefireNow

When It’s Okay To Slaughter Thousands Of Babies

I posted my vid from Saturday’s Gaza Ceasefire demo on YT and, predictably, got told to go to Palestine / stop supporting terrorism / it’s a complex situation I don’t know about.

2023: when there are apparently two sides to murdering babies.

This is how much Israel has poisoned the discourse – we’re *discussing* whether it’s okay for Israel to murder babies??

IF you agree with Israel and think that it *is* a discussion – you are lost. And insane.


Today, I marched alongside hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who want to save the lives of people they’ve never met. The police say 300,000 so I’d say that probably means there was a million of us, judging by how they’ve lied about the last 39 years of marches I’ve been on.

We want an immediate ceasefire, we want Gaza to be fully accessible to every aid agency and we also don’t want those aid workers to be then murdered by Israel because they were “over a Hamas tunnel” or some other utter bullshit used to justify war crimes.

My health is not great and I pretty much fucked it today but I’m so glad I could go and take part. I cannot just sit by, silently while Israel shells more hospitals, murders more civilians and then lies about it with the total complicity of the UK government.

Now, more than ever, FUCK THE TORIES.

Never forget, they supported *baby killers.*

Here’s some pics I took today:


Derby Silent Vigil For Palestine 5/11/23


Another weekend, another global wave of protest against the genocide currently being carried out by Israel on Gaza.

And yet more Israel-appeasement from the Western leaders.

NEVER forget the names of the cunts who supported the murder of innocent babies. Never forget the glee of Sunak, Braverman and their ilk, who couldn’t wait to bow and scrape to the murderous, cancerous government of Netanyahu. Apparently, our Tories love Netanyahu more than Israelis themselves do.

Four thousand children butchered by Israel. And our governments do NOTHING.


Never forgive them their war crimes, never forget.

Derby Palestine Solidarity Protest 28/10/23


I wasn’t well enough to do the march but I still made it to the demo outside the council house. The feeling was different from the last protest; this felt more desperate, more crucial. I guess because every new morning brings new horrors from Gaza, new atrocities carried out by Israel that are directly politically supported and militarily funded by the US and UK.

The turnout was huge. Again, people are having to take to the streets because they know both our government and the official opposition do not give a flying fuck about the murders being carried out in Palestine. The fact that Starmer gave Israel his full blessing to murder indiscriminately, to carry out the war crime of collective punishment, says it all.

Since coming back home, I’ve taken more painkillers and I still feel like shit because I really should not have gone out. But I can’t do nothing when a population that’s half children is being shelled by US-supplied munitions. I’ll be pissing blood again tomorrow but I’ll be in my safe, warm house. I won’t be living in the shadow of the greatest terrorist force on this planet.

Here’s a video of the protest I made:

Do what you can. March. Shout. Sing. Write.

You cannot do nothing.


Halloweeeeeen Bzangy Groink DJing Playlist 26/10/23


Halloween Special Groink, hence waaaay more old tunes than normal cos I wanted to play a slew of ancient spooky / gothy tunes. Cos Goths own Halloween.

Top spooooky tune tonight was October Country’s 1968 bop, ‘My Girlfriend Is A Witch’:

Tonight, youse hoird:

NijiSounds of the City2023
aDUBtaMi Deh Yah2023
The MurlocsQueen Pinky2023
KESIRødt Flag2023
Bear McCrearyWe Have a Ghost2023
Ash WalkerTime Gets Wasted2023
John BarryIpcress File 2016
Dave OkumuStreets2023
Anton KarasThe Third Man Theme (The Harry Lime Theme)2002
muva of EarthHigh2022
Loz SekaRun It Up2023
Tay JordanSalute2023
DrainLiving Proof2023
Donald FagenNew Frontier1982
Bear McCrearyThe Last Voyage of the Demeter2023
The CoffinshakersDracula Has Risen From the Grave2014
Faizal MostrixxLoosely2023
Dutch MustardDirty Queen2023
Warren ZevonWerewolves of London1978
Alogte Oho & His Sounds of JoyLa Ka Ba’a2023
TOBiFlowers (feat. MAVI)2023
Collettivo ImmaginarioLibra2023
ZuluWhere I’m From2023
BullyHard to Love2023
John CarpenterWake Up2023
Myele ManzanzaSomething Old Something New2023
DonovanSeason of the Witch1966
Meshell NdegeocelloVuma2023
Oh SeesGoon2023
Roy HarperAnother Day1970
SuicideGhost Rider1977
Jack VanzetIn Response2023
SerrationShroud of Gnarled Tongues2023
HolmLose the Shoes2023
The Poppy FamilyWhere Evil Grows1996
ShockOneReady To Go 2023
Andrew GoldSpooky, Scary Skeletons1996
Nick DrakePink Moon1972
The Sisters Of MercyThis Corrosion1987
The CureA Forest1980
PocketCrying at Supermac’s2023
BABY GRAVYYou Need Jesus2023
DalDartmoor National Park2023
ZélieC’est mon truc2023
Lawrence HartJus U2023
Spanish Love SongsHaunted2023
John CarpenterHalloween Theme2018
John LeytonJohnny Remember Me2013
Blue Öyster Cult(Don’t Fear) The Reaper1976
Joy DivisionShe’s Lost Control 1995
The CrampsI Was A Teenage Werewolf 1980
Olivia Rodrigovampire2023
GhostMary On A Cross2019
October CountryMy Girlfriend Is a Witch1968
Hollow HandBlackberry Wine2018
Duran DuranHungry Like the Wolf1998
Norma TanegaYou’re Dead1966
Modern EnglishGathering Dust1981
Gary NumanMetal1979
BauhausDark Entries1980
Cocteau TwinsSugar Hiccup1983
Nina SimoneI Put A Spell On You1965
Red Lorry Yellow LorryWalking On Your Hands1986
Echo & The BunnymenThe Cutter1983
Depeche ModeShake the Disease1985
Rob ZombieDragula1998
Jack MarshallThe Munsters Opening Theme1964
Siouxsie And The BansheesSpellbound1981
The Left BankePretty Ballerina1967
R. Dean TaylorThere’s A Ghost In My House1973
This Mortal CoilSong To The Siren1984

Mastosilence = Death

Mast has this reputation of being left wing.

But the silence in my Home feed about the war crimes being committed against Gaza at this very moment shows the lie of that reputation.

I guess liberals will liberal and follow their respective media’s hysteria to the letter.

If you posted about the horrors that Hamas carried out but are silent about Israel’s war crimes then please un-follow me.

Because fuck all racists. No life is worth less than another.

Free Palestine